About PostCapFuture.com

At PostCapFuture.com, we are building a community to help guide global society through the end of capitalism and into whatever comes next. Ideas will drive what comes next, and ideas will guide our way through the inevitable end of capitalism.

More specifically, this community has the following goals:

  • Develop ideas, skills, and policies for the transition as capitalism wanes and to help usher in the new postcapitalist world
  • Demonstrate that alternatives to capitalism exist
  • Feed the think tanks with these new ideas
  • Connect with other leading thinkers in postcapitalism

Here on the site, we publish reviews and essays from leading thinkers as well as insightful, thoughtful readers. We host civil, thoughtful discussions, provide resources, and help plan meet-ups.

We are just getting started, so if you are passionate about transforming the global capitalist system in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we invite you to join us.