PostCapFuture Agenda

To go beyond the capitalist, consumer-based paradigm wherein we provide stuff and you consume it, you need to get involved. As an activist, you want to know what you can do to help. Here is a list of suggestions for your own action plan.

  • ​Read the seminal texts—Pay special attention to Speculations on Postcapitalism. There is also an active, up-to-date list of other books on
  • Organize a regular discussion group—Activist members will receive regular ideas and guidance on topics, reading suggestions, and exercises.
  • Communicate with us—Tell us what works with your group so we can share it with others. What keeps people engaged? What are the hot issues?
  • Write and publish—If you have essays, articles, and book reviews, publish them to our blog and other special projects.
  • Exchange links—We will publish you and link to your site, and ask you to do the same—thereby building the network.
  • Attend events and conferences—Talk about postcapitalism, network with others, and offer a postcapitalist perspective.
  • Bring postcapitalism to your communities—Write, talk, and cross post, especially to your activist groups and your social media pages
  • Promote specific proposals—If particular postcapitalist proposals excite you—for example, universal basic income—promote that issue. Use your skill, experience, and energy as an activist to promote it, and where you want help or assistance, reach out to the PostCapFuture community for assistance.
  • Share the Postcapitalist Manifesto—Send it to all your friends and give them an opportunity to participate as well. Just send them the link

If you have other ideas to add to this agenda, by all means send them. We will add them to the agenda for a running list of leadership ideas.