Electric Vehicle SOLAR Charging Stations Are Now Real

The video I have been waiting for just arrived. For a long time, green energy advocates, myself included, have wondered why electric vehicles are actually better. All they do, the argument went, is move the pollution from where the car is to where the electricity is generated. Others said, yes, but eventually, that electricity can be solar, and there will be no pollution at all.

That has happened.

Check out this video… (Sorry, but the only way I could get it was from the CNBC link, and it forces you to view a short ad. Trust me, it is worth watching.)

There is plenty to still worry about, primarily the cost of the system. But those costs will come down as manufacturing ramps up, and the true dream of electric cars charged by solar will be… nay, already is… a reality.

This kind of technology completely changes the game with respect to climate change. This company makes solar car charging technically feasible, even if it is financially feasible only at the high end at this time. All innovation starts that way. As innovative technology spreads, the costs come down.

Please leave me your comments and what you think about the feasibility, excitement, or stupidity of this disruptive product.

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