The world economy is in the midst of a seismic shift, and existing paradigms are being shattered. 

Are you prepared to thrive in the
coming post-capitalist future?

Anthony Signorelli Short Bio

From organic farmer to the corporate boardroom, Anthony Signorelli’s life experiences provide a unique perspective on business, climate change, social analysis, and creative thought. His latest exploration of postcapitalism includes two sides of the same coin—on one side, the incredible entrepreneurial opportunity in automation, digitalization, and roboticization, and on the other, the social and economic impact of the resulting job losses and systemic change. Both are part of postcapitalism—a fact that students, business activists, employees, and common citizens must all confront.

Anthony is the author of two books, more than ten articles, numerous courses and webinars, and over two dozen white papers.

Topics & Workshops

  • Millennial’s Guide to Career Prospects in a Digitalized, Automated, Postcapitalist World
  • Postcapitalism and Climate Change

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