Speculations on Postcapitalism

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cover-graphic-original-686x1029Speculations on Postcapitalism is a collections of essays committed to advancing the conversation on our future postcapitalist society.

Digitalization is disrupting not just every industry, but everything―even capitalism itself.

Time honored principles like private property, rule of law, and even employment begin to dissolve, and capitalism’s basic organizing principles―hierarchy, coercion, extraction, and scarcity―are being overthrown. What will replace these principles, and how will the new society organize itself?

In these insightful essays, Anthony Signorelli explores the implications of the new digitalization, and formulates a philosophy of postcapitalism. No one knows exactly what will come next, but it won’t be socialism or communism, nor will it be the dark dystopias so many fear. This book explores the many possibilities, and lets people find their own ray of hope in exploring a future that is much closer than most people realize.

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Includes these essays:

  • The Coming Collapse of Capitalism
  • Supercomputing: A Capitalist Response to the Postcapitalist Threat
  • Why Thought Matters: Paving the Road to Transition
  • The Imagination of the Digit
  • Does Postcapitalism Mean Post-Democracy?
  • Seats of Value in the New Postcapitalist Economy: An Actual Guide to the Future
  • A Postcapitalist Solution to Climate Change
  • Abundant Digital Food
  • Postcapitalism, Networks, and the New Post-State World

Book is by Anthony Signorelli, 226 pages, with 21 essays.

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