Postcapitalism Series

If you got to this page, you probably read one of the books in the postcapitalism series.

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The Planned Four Book Series

  • Book 1: Speculative essays exploring many possibilities of the future ahead. “Imaginative, insightful, stimulating.” It is titled Speculations on Postcapitalism, and is available in print print (for $18) or as an ebook (for $2.99, pre-orders accepted until launch date on 9/15/17).
  • Book 2: Defines the logic of capitalism and how it will change to create postcapitalism. It also lays out the new postcapitalist logic, and how it will change economics, politics, social structures, and the environment. Due out in late October, 2017.
  • Book 3: What are all the opportunities in this postcapitalist world? How should we decide careers, investments, and related activities during the transition? Examines the future of AI, robots, automation, 3D printing, and their social impacts. Targeted for January 2017.
  • Book 4: Postcapitalism will change how we view the world—but how? What will that new view be? How will we perceive the new normal? Targeted for March 2017.

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